A little more “INTRODUCTION” :P

Hi again πŸ™‚
5th, a day i shall remember whole of my life ( *confession on fb)
Well, coming straight to the point.. Today, it is all about “THE ASTERISKS” i used in my last post
To Begin with —
KUSHAL DA — It was a random day, i was busy in my classes.. i had my humanities lab that day. All of a sudden we see his face.. Not at all aware of who he is and why is he here?? We waited for an “INTRODUCTION” but all we got was.. ” HI, I AM KUSHAL DAS, GOOGLE ABOUT ME” πŸ™‚
That was the time i thought, ” Man!! i met someone who is on google “..(yeah, to me it is a big deal)
i felt really good after the one hour session i spent with him (*there were more students too) but i barely cared.. After getting into the college environment, meeting him was the “SECOND BEST” treat BCREC offered [ * FIRST ONE stays a secret πŸ˜‰ ]
Since then, i came in contact with him.. i mailed him and i never thought i would get such an Β early response πŸ™‚
lots of emails were exchanged and finally, i got to know the tits and bits of the life i have to pursue ahead..
everything he said, were meaningful.. he motivated me and the best thing he said me — ” YOU WILL BE DOING SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WON’T APPRECIATE, THEY WILL TRY TO BRING YOU DOWN.. ALL YOU DO IS — IGNORE THEM ” πŸ™‚
I with all my heart thank him for being such a wonderful mentor πŸ™‚

FEDORA – Β Like i said, fedora is a new world to my desktop πŸ™‚ An Operating System ( it was Kushal Da who told me to get into fedora) i loved it πŸ™‚ i really did and i was a frequent user too whilst FEDORA left Β me.. Left me as in may be my system had some issues and so i had to reinstall it 😦 There was a lot more i needed to know about it.. !! I hope toΒ  get back FEDORA soon πŸ™‚
PYTHON –Β  A programming language. All i heard till date was JAVA, C++, C, COBOL “ etc. Python was a new thing ! Better too πŸ™‚ or else someone like me would never start learning a “completely new programming language”. It is going to take me more than a little time to learn but hope to do it pretty soon (atleast before my next semesters)

Coming To
MOM —Β  Like i said, she is an INTEGRAL part of my life πŸ™‚ i know, a little distance grew up between us as i no longer stay with her.. but the faith and love i have for her is something even distance can’t ruin !! She is the only person in this whole universe whom i shall switch too when i have no-one with me.. i know she won’t mind knowing that she is the last person i would come to !! See, that is how MOTHER’S are.. πŸ™‚ The Beautiful soul that god created..

IRC – Internet Relay Chat.. Heard the word for the first time from Kushal da itself.. but to be very honest i really didn’t understood why i am being told about this or “HOW WILL IT HELP ME” !! i came to know about the details of IRC from none other than, bnprk.. i.e – BINAY PAREEK.. It was him who explained me how to get into freenode ( leaving me to wonder, , what the hell is this “FREENODE” πŸ˜› ) , Registering my Nick ( yes, on IRC,nicks matter. NICK is what we use to call one another)
I am registered as “ARPITA“.. ( i love my name πŸ˜› )
bnprk is my senior. He is the first person (male , precisely) whom i have known after coming to the BCREC campus. It was 13th Sept’ 2014.. I shall remember the date πŸ™‚ and today’s date too ! (it is 8th today, i have been writing my blog in parts, started from 5th πŸ˜› )


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