All I wish for is – A LITTLE MORE TIME !!

A fine morning…
To be honest, today’s day was hectic..
Here comes my definition for “hectic” – A day when you get up sharp at 8 after you sleep at 3′ in the morning, spend your entire day on learning simple things and at the end you still feel like a “dumb” 😦 Sad but true in my case.
Energy boosts you up when you know you have people to help you πŸ™‚
Talking about KUSHAL DA.. today i had a video call with him ( for more than two and a half hours)

I felt on top of the world to see him again (for the second time).. i felt really good after hearing all that he said me.
In short – he motivated me. It was nice to see that he had so much faith in me.. ( i never knew this before)
Talking about things i learned today..
i was pretty much involved with pym (python for you and me) – a book written by KD himself.
To be honest, i was badly stuck with few programs and to me, help reached through IRC πŸ™‚

It was KD himself who helped me and then some more people whom i am now friend’s with.
An hour ago i read about “FILESYSTEM HIERARCHY STANDARD ” through the link –
Not a lot, but read a few things (shall do it ASAP) as my focus is still on the programs of PYM..
i wished i could get a little more time, because this was the first day when i felt ” HOURS = SECONDS ” !
Hope to learn things the same way tomorrow too.. and also, i dreamt of doing something really really big someday.!!

and yes, i am going to blog daily πŸ™‚


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