And One More Day Ends…. :|

Today, i have a Mixed Feeling
Mixed Feeling = i know something + i need to know lot more things.
I Know Something –   Early in the morning when you wake up, you never know what all is going to happen with you.. Do You? No, you don’t
Since yesterday i felt low thinking only what and in which ways will i understand the simple things
( things here refer to pym book’s program ) Yes, for the last two days, i have nothing running in my head other than those simple programs !!
Ofcourse for a beginner like me it isn’t easy but still i felt like a dumb.
Talking about my “Current Feeling”, after i spent my entire day on thinking about the same thing again and again, i understood them 🙂 Like always, had helpers on IRC ( Kushal Da, darkowlzz, rtnpro, tonythomas, bnprk and a little more people whose nicks i cannot recall :P)
Thanks to all of them 🙂
I don’t feel like a Genius, No, but i don’t feel the way i felt yesterday.. ( told you, felt like a complete dumb yesterday)
Learning helps and learning the same thing over and over again unless you get the point helps even more..
Here is something i would like to share with my readers –
Out of your busy schedule, spare a little time to watch this.. ( i loved it <3)

After Watching the video i went  to “”.. enhanced myself a little too 🙂

Moving Further
I Need To Know Lot More Things – It’s not easy to become a Champion, Genius, Topper overnight. It needs practice.
i was happy when i saw that i understood those programs which to me were ” Dangerous” Yesterday.
but after i scrolled down a little more in the pym book, ( for browsing the little more topics that i have to cover later) i was like — :0
I wasn’t scared, but i just
wished ( and sincerely prayed) that, doesn’t matters how long it takes things to fit into my head.. I SHOULD ATLEAST UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT..
Yes, everyone has to learn.. life is all about learning, depending how much time of your life  you want to spend on learning 🙂

Talking about something good i did today, a dearest friend of mine ( who is too lazy to do anything), i got her into 🙂 (* i have an avid reader now 😉 )


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