Get it till you Don’t Get it .. !!

Like i say, learning new things is exciting.
Condition – You have to give a lot of time to it. Yes, Lot of

Talking about my current condition, that ” Mixed Feeling” still stays 🙂
These Days, i am completely involved in learning. It is not a pain, but i wonder how will i get the same quantity of time once my holidays are over.
Here is something, a very simple program i would like to share :
N = 10
sum = 0
count = 0
while count < N:
number = float(raw_input(“”))
sum = sum + number
count = count + 1
average = float(sum)/N
print “N = %d , Sum = %f” % (N, sum)
print “Average = %f” % average
since the day i have read this program, here my “Questions”

1. Why is the count variable used?
2. If i have count, then why “N”?
3. What if i remove count? ( * This being a silly question, as if i remove count, how will While process 😛 )
4. Trust me. there were hundreds of more questions 😛
What i learnt is – When you have a confusion, clear it. Don’t leave it thinking it’s of no use or i shall mug up
There were lots of people whom i asked the same question (on IRC)
I shared this today because it was today when i got the green flag from my brain saying – Arpita, you got it !!
Feels Good 🙂 A thing that was a havoc days back is clear to me now 🙂
Everyday you learn something. ( Chah honi chaiye 🙂 )
Try to get into things, Try to learn, Try to understand.. You will do it !!
Today too.. i spent my entire day on my system learning about “Data Structures”.. as i am told i have to do this slowly, so going really Slow 😛
Two more days to go.. and i shall be in college 😦 ( yes, i hate college )

P.S – Shall open my eyes tomorrow to look for some more adventure 🙂


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