The Calender loses Few More Days…

Came to share few things today..
Like i said, college started.. and attending every lecture kills you like hell.. >_<
Talking about a fruitful incident .. i got fedora 21 🙂 thanks to Sheesh Mohsin 🙂
Sheesh Mohsin – My Senior.. A very very helpful person. I feel glad to have been surrounded with such helping hands who rush to you whenever they get one single call of yours.
It was 26th Yesterday.. our 66th REPUBLIC DAY 😛 which i barely took notice off as i had my dearest friend’s birthday on the same day ( the avid reader of mine 😀 )
Along with python, i started my tour on another programming language “C”.. Learnt few basics.. yet need to know a lot.. pheewwww.. at times like this is when i really feel — i am hungry for “ holidays” 😦
At times like these, days > hours > minutes > seconds.. pass so rapid that you find it tough to struggle between What to do and what not..
Like i said, i don’t believe in making friends.. To me, they are of no use.. ( still i have made one and shall try to keep her safe forever)
Being at a platform like this…  people may appreciate your DO’s ( *in rare cases) but like Kushal Da said — They will be jealous of you.. ( i still am searching a reason for people to do that)
like always, I don’t care 😉 i am busy walking on my path creating new ways for myself 🙂
All i need is — TIME and the will to stay AWAKE 😀
i miss few people who were a part of my life some days back .. i really miss them..
i shall share my “C” experiences 🙂 and yes, i have Python too.. !!
P.S – After a Chat with Kushal Da.. i got to know he is visiting college on Thursday 🙂 The happiest news of today 🙂 Waiting to see him ( for the third time 🙂 )


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