Sad but True.. !

* sigh *
I thought somebody would knock my door today, it was sad seeing – Nobody did.
That didn’t made me sad, i was astonished rather.
Coming to what i am talking about in the lines above… Like i told, Kushal Da came to visit us yesterday. He inspite of his busy schedule took out time for us.. 🙂 Even went to have a conversation with the students ( as i mentioned in my first post )
The only difference was i was no more on the student’s seat 🙂 I was experiencing it once again ( lucky me )
I standing infront of the whole class just had a single good feeling – may be after today, i will get few more people on dgplug.
Kushal Da made his best efforts to make the fellow student’s understand about a life beyond college subjects..
I was just hearing what he was saying, with a hope that the spectators would get it too .. 🙂
Dreams are far away from reality.. Yes, i was ” DREAMING ”
Due to lack of time, he couldn’t speak a lot but, he spoke quite enough for the viewers to understand what the point was.

After we left, especially me, i had faith i would be surrounded by a little clan of people after that who would take some interest on FOSS
Trust me, reality really is bitter.
* Note – i ( and kushal da too ) just wanted student, being from computer science and information technology fields to focus more on real world and technology. Nothing else.
Like he said, to him,  the benefit directly was  none, but indirectly – a lot
We really can’t mend everyone’s way of thinking. Can we ?
I was sad, two days passed and nobody had the urge to even approach me or my seniors ( who too were there )
That doesn’t boosts my moral down but i was busy giving few things a thought.. Well, leaving those upto me.
This was an experience.. 🙂 A good one.
Atleast now i know, what more and more people want.
i feel good… not being part of a common thing !
P.S – I feel glad.. to be in vicinity of kushal da and my dear seniors who are always there to help me whenever i need them 🙂 Well, the sun is about to rise bringing along a new day 🙂


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