Hey πŸ™‚
I went on a break πŸ˜› Well, not for a very long time i suppose.. i am here again πŸ™‚
Talking about the last few days i spent….. they were total torture.. Reason ??Β  Yes… ” college ” 😦
Days are passing like seconds and the watch seems to have lost it’s minutes and seconds handΒ  >_<
At the end of the day, you keep wondering ” what on you spent your entire day ” and as an answer you get ” oh, i wasted my today’s day, that certainly won’t happen from tomorrow “.. and trust me, you think the same again the very next day πŸ˜›
Speaking a little about college, ( yes, i still hate college )
Like i said, i was introduced to a very new language C.. πŸ™‚ So far, the language has kept my enthusiasm on the peak.. hope it serves me better till the end.. ( Fingers Crossed )
Next, Python.. i really find a very little time to spend on it.. ( after spending my entire day on boring and silly subjects :/ ) still, trying my best to make use of the little time i get…
BCREC ( my college ) is organizing a technical fest.. A seminar was arranged for us, so that we are aware of the events being organized in the fest.. though few of the events are worth participating.. looking forward πŸ™‚
A day begins and the day ends.. you have to play your role within the boundaries..
P.S – I am starving for holidays…


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