Growing up :)

Date – 14th Feb 2015 ( had been writing in parts again, finished today)
To be honest, i am myself disappointed that i am not able to write in daily 😛 though i want to be ” consistent” ( well, i try ) but my life’s biggest barrier pops up ( College :/ )

Coming to today, finally i am happy that the calendar has got one day which is ” not for me ” 😀 ( One is smart enough to get my point 😛 )
Okay, shifting to what i wanted to mention…
I am on a ride, which is taking me really really up.. It’s fun.. but ” to balance ” is what keeps importance !!
Let me enlighten you with my C experience first.. would use just a word ” exciting ” 🙂 there is a yet a lot to discover..
Talking about what i came across in the past few days.. Few Programs, let me mention, few simple programs ( which seemed simple after i got the solutions 😛 )
You atleast need to know the basics of programming. Well, C is serving a perfect meal.
A beginner cannot prosper without a  few things ( this is MY current situation) – lots and lots of questions, why this, why not this, confusions, and plenty of thinking.. The good and the best part is, for every problem there are solutions. You need to find them.
Yes, i am finding my part of solutions and they are a great success always (:
Few days back, i had my C class, it was 17:30 when i entered my dorm.. ( with infinite questions in my mind )
We were taught a few programs that day, about switch case, break and one including about loops.
This was the first time when i understood, a simple code can be written in multiple ways.
i will share mine.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
int NUM, REM, SUM = 0;
printf (“ENTER A NUMBER: “);
scanf (“%d” , &NUM);
REM = NUM % 10;
NUM = NUM/10;
} while ( NUM > 0);
printf (“%d”, SUM);

return 0;
The same code can be written using while as well, which was a much better preference than do while.. and the most important thing that i learnt was about the difference between ” while and do-while” and also when to use the former and when to strike on the latter..
Thanks to kushal da, bnprk and darkowlzz.
I was given a lot of code to write – one was to print the fibonacci series. The funny part was, python made me do that in three to four lines and it took a little more lines for C to do the same.
At the end of every day it’s good to see that you learned a bunch of things. You feel good knowing you solved things, that may be is tough for the person sitting next to you ( Please don’t hesitate to help)
I shall share my programs ( very soon, hopefully tomorrow)
P.S – This one is getting long 😛 I shall switch in tomorrow and also thank you readers 🙂


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