And i know a little more now :)

It feels terrible when you can’t write in for a long time. Well , the reason brings a wide smile too.
I am not a very busy person nor do i do a lot of work ,  but yes all i do is spend more than a little time on studying and learning about things and terms sparsely known to me.
The few days i spent got me my fruits 🙂 Yes , i still need to code ” A LOT ” and i mean the caps.
Speaking about C , Now i am familiar with lots of things – Arrays , Pointers , Functions , Data Structure ,File Handling etc. Still need to dive into more and more details.
I , now know how to create a function , when to call it by name and when to call it by address and things about which i shall discuss after knowing more about them.Python is fine too 🙂
Happiness is when you know how well to manage things , which few days back seemed havoc ( you may know , if you are an avid reader of my blogs 😉 )
There is a lot to learn yet and i invest most of time doing it.. but there has a bad side to everything and to me – COLLEGE ( i so hate it )
Assignments , Internals and what not get to my nerves and sometimes i feel like killing myself. Few days simply pass doing all these 😦 Yes , it is SAD.

P.S – All i am waiting for is , this semester to end and go on a long holiday 🙂 To me , that is happiness +1 🙂


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