Available Again :)

I suppose i was on my biggest leave ever šŸ˜€ Sorry , but couldn’t help myself.
just apologies to people who thought i was dead šŸ™‚
To begin with , the last one month has been quite successful in turning my world upside down. The Semester exams brought the biggest devastation along. Phew.. than god it’s over somehow.
Next , talking about open source.. Well , was a not a big hit for last few days though i kept reading about C and python but couldn’t practice it all again ( and i feel terribly sorry for myself )
College provided me a big fat bonus of a one month holiday , which is what generally happens after semesters and for this – I LOVE MY COLLEGE ^_^
This summer , there is a lot to do , lot to learn and i wish i achieve all that is planned in my tiny little head šŸ˜›
I shall keep on writing from now on with all the progress i make.
P.S – It feels good to be back šŸ™‚


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