A New Evening !!

DAY- 2
The title shows it , i am here to discuss about the second day of my summer training.
Today , i personally felt i came to know about a lot of things ( i had no clue of ) and these questions never popped up into my tiny head 😛
The process was quiet fast and it was taking me a little time to understand a few questions and their answers too ( all thanks to google.com 🙂 )
After the Q/A session ended , we were provided with a few links that we have to go through for the next class that is to happen on 24th june 2015 at 18:30 P.M IST
It was now when i have finished reading the links except about fhs ( it’s quiet big 😛 needs time )
Here are yesterday’s links :

Click to access i-want-2-do-project-tell-me-wat-2-do.pdf

http://dgplug.org/irclogs/kushal_fhs_class.log – IRC logs for FHS
http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html – The book for FHS

The links are not only great to read over and over again but are helpful and beneficial too , for one who really is interested in gathering knowledge 🙂
It has been a really long time since i have read them. The brain feels good after recalling them again 🙂

P.S – Looking forward for more and more things to grasp.


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