Days on #dgplug

Hello again 🙂

Yes , i took a break again ( for a week this time )
Now that it is all about the summer training and three more days were very well spent on #dgplug channel

DAY 3 – 24th June 2015

As in our last session we were given links about  FHS – File Hierarchy Standards.
So , today was all about the queries we had with the links provided with Kushal da answering each one  of us 🙂
Came to know about many things , i had sparse or i can NO knowledge of !!

DAY 4 – 30th June 2015

Admist of these days , we were sent links to study about our next topic , that was about VI/VIM editor.
Vi or Vim – is simply a text editor that allows us to edit some  file.
Here are few links to that were given to us to know about vim —

All Vi asks for is practice as there are plenty of commands to keep tracks of.
Today , was all about the questions we had about VIM.
The widely asked question being – ” Why do we use VIM over other editors ? ”
A nice question indeed with lots of interesting answers as well 🙂
At last . we were served –  to read for our next class,

4th July 2015 – Late Evening

After i went through the link , had an anxiety to create the same 😛
Well , it didn’t took a long but i made an html file exactly same as the above link 🙂 with “test.rst” as my vi file and “test.html” as my presentation slide.
Had Questions about  – Literal Blocks , Ordered lists , Sections and many more. Few of which were cleared my google and  few by IRC members and the left ones , by Kushal Da 🙂

*Note – rst2s5 made the rst html  file that way , rst2html didn’t  ( wondering what i wrote ? Won’t be a lot of trouble to google about “s5” )

DAY 5  – 2nd July 2015

Finally , the little doubts were swept off.
I don’t know what i am supposed to do for my next class 😛 Well , there is a lot to kearn 🙂
and yes , we were asked to give our feedback on the sessions being held ( Words won’t be enough to say how beneficial they are to anyone who wants to ” LEARN ”
Downloaded “asciinem” as told ( yet to google about it ) and mysql too !

P.S  – I wish i could stay on IRC the whole day.. and yes , i am Learning 🙂


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