Hi again !
Trust me , i too am upset on going for “long break” these days 😦
No , i have not made any excuses up in my mind , the only trouble was with – the little mess that was created in my head.
Well , no issues in sharing them..
First , i am always messed up with basically two things – “What to learn” and “How to Learn and implement”
The problem mostly is with the implementing part.
Sadness is , when you understand everything yet you can’t submit a feedback ( it frustrates ME )
Like i discussed with a mentor of mine , there are lots of things on the plate as for now ..
Starting with , “College”. Entering into 3rd semester ( 2nd year ) is no less than a pain.. The burden got +1’ed. Shaked hands with completely new subjects like , Data Structure , Computer Organization ( mentioning these two as they are not only screwing me up but are also my ” departmental” subjects )
Data Structure – A world of fun with lots of algorithms as rides and topics such as – Stacks , Queue , Linked list , Trees etc as special rides
The more i learn , the more i will share, currently i am in hands with linked lists and stacks. Learning the basics and also helping myself to write ” proper codes ” 🙂
Computer Organization – Three weeks passed and not that i have ever missed a class of the subject , but  feel sorry for i cannot talk about the rides || special rides it is going to provide.
Though the subject deals with how the hardware components operate and the way they are connected together to form the computer system , it provides knowledge of the analog part too.
Next , C is still with me 🙂 i am yet to finish few topics of C very properly.
Thanks to kushal da , for giving me an online tutorial for C. Here it is – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEEAD1D187A7CCD6C
Very helpful 🙂
Oh yes ! My Summer Training is still going on , i am so far a happy and successful part of it. There were lots of topics covered , in Python – The Basics , About Loops ,  Lists , Strings , Exceptions , and today’s session on Classes etc.
Things are fine so far 🙂

Shall switch again ( soon )
P.S – One can’t really have a better life than this ( Keep wondering if it was a satire 😉 )


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