Busy days keeps one happy :)

These days i am loving being busy..
The last few days have been properly giving me doses so that i can continue with all the plans i have been building up in my head.
To begin..
1. I have been reading the summer training logs of the last year.
2. not only from here – try.github.io but also from the logs and through differents sites i have been learning about git. Confident enough to know git properly enough now.
** i always had a tough time learning about git 😦
3. Reading the pym book in pieces and solving as many questions as possible.
4. I am helping 2-3 people on IRC and explaining them a few things too (feels so nice to do this)
and also i had a few study tips from kushal da today πŸ™‚

I hope i finish all my work little soon and take a lead with few steps ahead. I hope things work out pretty well this time.
and also i made few new friends today , in the outside world as well as on IRC.

P.S – Few times, i feel like i am on cloud 9 πŸ™‚


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