The Saga Continues !

Hello again 🙂
Well , the break was on purpose.
Please care to deal with the fact that i am back to college. The same old torture has begun. Can’t explain how badly it took away from me all the beautiful time i spent with myself and my laptop.
I have yet not hugged the subjects because i hate them. The two subjects i am basically focusing on is – Automata and Java.
So far , i have dealt only with classes and objects but yes , wrote a lot of codes to get my concept clear
** acting like a boss in my class 😉
Along with C and python , java is also trying to fit it’s pieces in me.. Well , i am a little confused and going through a shortage of time but still will have to manage the trio.
ah ! it’s going to be a lot of fun.
I am slowly getting isolated from the friend circle of mine. They barely talk to me now.
** Kushal da , you were right 🙂 i experienced it a little late 🙂
I am trying with all my level to do my best. I wish i get along properly with all my plans.
Shall get back very soon.


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