As Time Goes By…

A very warm morning welcomed me today. Though i had a really tough night.
For the first time i enjoyed the night charm of IRC 🙂  I stayed up there from 3-6 am and gathered lots of information from the people i had a conversation with..
My mother makes fuss and asks me to shut down my laptop as i spend my entire day sitting by its sides which ultimately lets me lend her very less time.. :/
I guess what will she do after i am back to dgp. Holidays have to come to an end 😦
** atleast noone will stop me from staying awake late night.

I have yet to decide if i will be attending the tech fest at kharagpur. It’s a technical fest that happens every year. My little group is very excited to go and experience the environment.
I don’t know if i am excited too 😐

Our college , Dr. B.C Roy Engineering College, is also going to conduct a Fest which will be happening by the first week of march.
Hope it goes well this time.

“” and one spark that i wanted to mention – I am a little involved these days with a game – clash of clans.. Before i even started playing, my brother said me- ” That’s no girl’s game”.
.I heard a lot about the game,saw pictures, posts on facebook related to CoC.. never thought i could be so interested in playing it too.. 🙂 I am spending a little time playing it now and then.

Now, If i talk about what i am doing these days, i am doing what i am told to do by – Kushal da and Sayan da.  I spend most of my time working on things because i don’t feel like wasting a single second anymore..
I have lots of things on my plate and i need to do everything superfast and also, My fourth semesters are about to begin ( College makes me sad always 😦 )
That is all. See you all soon !!

P.S – Rise up and show yourself of everything you are capable of 🙂


Alive :P

Okay , i am certainly leaving no doubts to prove that i seriously am not a girl of my words.. 😦 ( and i am so sorry for that)
Today afternoon , a phone call got me back into senses 🙂 It was him , yes , kushal da.
Well , not a long conversation but it was enough to roll me off the bed !
I agree i have become a little ignorant ( that comes out as i am very less involved in writing a blog ). I wont pledge anything but would surely put in efforts to get back.
Again taking a start with python , django , C , i am all through to see the wonders 🙂
Shall write in again very soon !!

Available Again :)

I suppose i was on my biggest leave ever 😀 Sorry , but couldn’t help myself.
just apologies to people who thought i was dead 🙂
To begin with , the last one month has been quite successful in turning my world upside down. The Semester exams brought the biggest devastation along. Phew.. than god it’s over somehow.
Next , talking about open source.. Well , was a not a big hit for last few days though i kept reading about C and python but couldn’t practice it all again ( and i feel terribly sorry for myself )
College provided me a big fat bonus of a one month holiday , which is what generally happens after semesters and for this – I LOVE MY COLLEGE ^_^
This summer , there is a lot to do , lot to learn and i wish i achieve all that is planned in my tiny little head 😛
I shall keep on writing from now on with all the progress i make.
P.S – It feels good to be back 🙂