This is LIFE

A warm hello to everyone.. A tight schedule kills you, isn’t it ? Yes, it kills me and this being  the reason i had to take such a ” long ” break from WordPress 😦
To be very honest, i don’t actually remember whole of  what i did in the past few days but would surely like to mention the important things that i came across.
As i mentioned in my previous post about the Technical Fest being held at my college.. It was the first time for me to attend a Fest. So, was a little excited. It was fun being a part of a few events.. 🙂
I gave my name for a workshop that was to teach us about creating a  Web-Page. It always fascinated me to open a particular website and then with the click of your mouse, you start traveling within the page. I never imagined i would ” actually know ” how to do that.
Though not much, but learnt few ( The word Few should be seriously taken care of 😛 )  concepts of HTML, CSS, JQUERY
I would certainly look forward to dig more into them ( CSS and JQUERY )
Thanks to my seniors who pulled out  time for us.
It was a workshop for two days.  i did my best to understand everything that was being explained.
Next, talking about my life – ahhh, it tortures me 😥 Being at home for a few days CANNOT fix the pain of the total torture life you spend at college ( Trust me on this )
Even on a holiday, you are not free.. You get loads of assignments, lab projects, and then warnings – ” College reopens and class test will be waiting for you ” ( This is again why i so so much hate college )
I barely care 😛 i am busy in my world which consists of lots and lots of learning and i don’t feel like shifting my focus.
Along with Kushal Da’s book, i got an address to a book named byte_of_python ( Reading that too )
And the journey of my C is leading me perfect. i am happy with C ( not more happy than i am with python 😉 ) There were a lot of new programs that i learnt writing in C and running them too.. and the best part is, when you write a program and it throws ” no errors ” at all.
My sparkling teeth shines when i see, ” Errors : 0 ” ( Again, this has yet to happen with python )
This part of my life makes me Happy.. All you do is learn and experiment with programs.. ( i am reading more than writing programs )
All for today. I should be summing up now. I shall write it soon again.

P.S – It is fun to be a part of a life which provides you different shades of the same color with each passing day. Don’t miss it. Enjoy every day to the fullest 🙂


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