Yet, a lot to learn.

Going on a break is becoming a regular bad habit of mine 😛  The culprit is Time.
After coming back to my as usual boring life of college, i was busy with my internals. Went fine.
Coming back to my ” learning ” part.. i have so so much to study yet.
Speaking about a little things i came across in C, Arrays, Numbers Systems, brief description on Pointers and yes, FUNCTIONS – felt like a master as i knew it’s details ( thanks to python 🙂 ) There is a lot to learn about functions too.
Trying to work on a few codes that are not getting into my head.
A day passes and everyday at the end i suppose myself to have grasped a few essential things.

P.S – All that i could discuss for today. Need to fast up my pace in the world of learning 🙂


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